So, Y’all Still Out There?


It appears that the last post on this blog appeared in October, and I wrote it.

Just thought I would let you all know that THATCamp HBCU is planned for June 14-15 in Atlanta at the AUC Center’s Woodruff Library.

Currently we have about 30 people registered, and I am looking for more.  I’m hoping that, once the grading is done, people will find our registration page. If you know anyone who might want to attend, I would love for you to send them an invite.

You don’t have to be HBCU affiliated to attend.

I could sure use some direction from this group right now, though!


  • I am looking for some more campers,
  • I would love to find a few more workshop leaders (especially for iPhones or Smartphones in the classroom), and
  • I am looking for more money.  (Right now, I have only $500 from the Microsoft Research Grant.)

If anyone would like to assist in helping me tackel any of the above, please let me know!

Any knowledge, experience, connections, etc. would really be appreciated!!

Our website is:


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THATCamp HBCU is slowly taking form! Wanna help?


Hi, all y’all!

I just wanted to let you know that THATCAMP HBCU is becoming a reality (slowly).

We have our website up, and we are working really hard.  I have been joined in my quest by an awesome and amazing Ph.D. fellow from Emory, Moya Bailey (THANK YOU EMORY DiSC!!).

We are working on the conference now, and it will be held in the beginning of June 2012 at the Atlanta University Center Library (we are still playing with dates–more later!).

At this point, we are kicking ideas around on a WIKI.

If you would like to offer assistance, suggestions, or just loiter and listen, please request an invitation to the WIKI.  We would love some input on Bootcamps and Developer Challenges, etc.

The WIKI is at:

We also have a Gmail for the conference:  

And, of course, we have a twitter account @thatcamphbcu


Michelle Kassorla, Ph.D.

Clark Atlanta University


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Working Goals

As we begin our work in this group, it will be beneficial to pin down some concrete goals to work toward. With the process of backward design in mind, I’m hoping we can use this space to hash out some objectives and desired results then move forward to solutions.

Along with goals, I’m interested in learning if we have any particular areas we want to focus on. We’ve already heard from people working in/with HBC/U programs, but I’m certain there are other specific areas and groups we want to address.

What are some things we can work toward?

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Diversity and Accessibility at THATCamp

Hi Everybody,

At THATCamp Prime a few weeks ago, in the meeting that produced this very page, we talked about the need to include tips on encouraging diversity at THATCamp in the instructions planners receive.  I’m hoping that we can use this space to create that list of tips.

I will get us started with a few ideas.  Please suggest additions (or subtractions, or revisions) in the comments section.  I will monitor the comments and revise the list as we go.

Additionally, I want us to think carefully about the language we are using.  Is “Encouraging Diversity” too soft?  Should we, as George Williams suggested, be talking about making THATCamp accessible?  Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

If you need or want to get in touch with me for any reason, please email me at

All the best,



Tips for creating an inclusive THATCamp

  • Contact under-represented communities. Make sure you reach out to all the institutions of higher education in your area.  Are there any community colleges, small schools and/or Historically Black Colleges which have been traditionally underrepresented.  If you don’t know who to contact, you should start with humanities librarians who are often very knowledgeable about the interests of faculty members.
  • Designate an Outreach Coordinator.  This need not be a full time position – and could be combined with Advertising / Marketing – but you need to make sure some one is responsible for making sure everyone knows they are welcome at THATCamp.
  • Be conscious of how and what you communicate. Make sure that there is nothing in your promotional material that unintentionally excludes underrepresented groups or creates a less than welcoming picture of THATCamp.
  • Make your THATCamp welcoming. Along the same lines, look for ways to make your material as welcoming as possible.  For example, instead of simply stating that everyone is welcome, be specific!  See the Who Should Attend? section from the 2011 Great Lakes THATCamp


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Developing a THATCampHBCU


Well, my dean doesn’t know it yet, but I am planning to organize a THATCamp HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities.)  I currently work for Clark Atlanta University, an HBCU in Atlanta, and I think it is really important to bring the black community into the vocabulary of digital humanities.

I know a lot of colleagues would technically qualify as “digital humanity scholars,” but that particular title hasn’t been used on our campuses before, so there is a lack of identification with the movement as a whole.  They are just quietly doing their thing, unaware that an entire field is growing up around them.

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Starting THATCamp Diversity!

If you’re interested in joining the THATCamp Diversity working group? Leave a comment here, or send an email to and I’ll add your user to this blog.

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